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Renny Wilson - Radio Reciever


Do you ever have one of those of days where you just think “fuck it”?

If so, Renny Wilson is here to help… ‘Radio Receiver’ is our Track of the Day. If you like it, you know what, you can head to his site and lap up the remaining seven of Renny’s tunes from his nuclear impact esque Punk Explosion album that, similarly to Radio Receiver, are over as quick as you first drunken, sexual encounter… yet extremely enjoyable nonetheless. And if you don’t like it, who cares?

… What a fantastic tune, and all round record. Not just a one trick pony either, if you’ve got a spare hour or two on your hands, check out Renny’s debut album Sugarglider from a few years back, to say it’s the antithesis of today’s selection  would be an understatement, but it only emphasises this guy’s talent.