(Credit: Renforshort)


Renforshort releases new song 'Exception'


At only 18, Lauren Isenbergm AKA renforshort, is making quick work of this whole pop stardom thing. Maybe she hasn’t reached omnipresent celebrity status yet, but she’s certainly got the look, the sound, and the tunes to make it happen, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see much more of her soon.

Each new step in the fame game requires a solid single, and that’s exactly what Isenberg delivers with ‘Exception’, the first single off her upcoming EP Off Saint Dominique. The EP will be her second after last year’s teenage angst.

“I’m a big lyric person and all my songs are made to be a form of therapy,” Isenberg states. “I touch on a lot of things that I wanted to hear more in music growing up and I think the messages are super important not only for teens but for everyone.”

Universal messages are great and all, but let’s not kid ourselves: pop music is aimed squarely at teenagers, especially when the artist behind that pop music is a child (or recent adult) herself. What’s been the biggest song in the world for the past month or so? ‘Drivers License’, the fantastically over the top real-life melodrama single from Olivia Rodrigo that connects with a concept understood by everyone: being a teenager sucks.

Being 18 is Isenberg’s main setback in her own song: because of her age, the object of her affection doesn’t believe she has the ability to love in a meaningful adult way. It’s all a sad theoretical, because by the song’s end, she’s still hoping that person will make an exception for her. It’s all very simple, but simple is how all pop music should be. Isenberg isn’t thinking twice, and neither should we when listening to this song.

Check out the video for ‘Exception’ down below. Off Saint Dominique is set for a release sometime this summer.