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Remembering when Green Day performed a punk Nativity scene in 1991


Wigan in England is not the most well known for its punk scene. Or so you might think. The Northern town was previously at the centre of one musical movement known as Northern Soul. But this article isn’t about the hand-clapping past of Wigan’s Northern Soul roots. No, this is about a seminal moment in Wigan’s punk scene as a very young Green Day performing not only a set of 1991 bangers, but doing so in somewhat of a deranged nativity scene.

The footage below gave us so much delight and genuine Christmas glee that we just had to share it with you. Now, we don’t necessarily pride ourselves on being Christian or religious but it is hard to not enjoy the tradition of the ‘Nativity Play’. But, much like you (we imagine), we prefer ours with Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tres Cool as our leading characters.

“Y’all gotta sit down right where your standing,” Dirnt tells the crowd as an unshirted Billie Joe Armstrong prowls the stage and Tres Cool gets naturally a little odd. Expect to see a drunk Easter Bunny, a lot of ketchup used as the blood of the Virgin Mary, and the band then launch into a punk gem from their 1991 setlist ‘I Was There’. The trio then go on to perform tracks like ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Only of You’, and ’16’ among others.

So, settle in and let the Green Day boys get you into the Christmas spirit. The full set is below and is totally worth your time to either try to spot yourself or to enjoy some Green Day from the Kerplunk era.

Full performance: