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Credit: Les Zg

Compare the new remix of R.E.M's 'Monster' to the original with A/B Web Player


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of R.E.M’s seminal album Monster is being given a brand new remix. Now, the band have provided a nifty A/B web player so you can compare the tracks side-by-side.

The anniversary reissue, which dropped in September 1994, will feature both a version of the album remastered, as well as a brand new remix of the album from original producer Scott Litt.

While Greg Calbi from Sterling Sound will provide the newly remastered version of the record, it is Scott Litt’s remix version that we’re excited about. Litt had previously said that mastering the album in 1994 and was excited to get back at it to have another crack. “I had told the band through the years that if there was ever a chance to take another shot at mixing the album, I wanted to do it.”

Fans can now listen to both versions with a brand new web player which allows the songs to be played side by side. The web player plays 30-second samples of Monster and allows listeners to move between the two versions to find their favourite. It can also be done on Apple Music and Spotify too with the full tracks.

You can go to R.E.M’s website to get the full player experience. Meanwhile, the band have been teasing the new release with an updated version of some of the album’s most notable moments.

One such moment was the band’s ode to the memory of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, ‘Let Me In’. Stipe has returned to his tribute track to offer a fresh, raw take on the song: “The way it was recorded respond[ed] exactly to that moment, and what it felt like to have had someone that close to us, and who we admired as much as we admired Kurt, take his own life,” Stipe said in an interview with the BBC. “It was horrible.”