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Rejoice Brothers and Sisters, Fat White Family have announced a new album


Thank our merciless overlords, Fat White Family will be releasing a brand new album very soon. In between their various side-projects the band are following up the inflammatory Champagne Holocaust (2013) with new album Songs For Our Mothers.

Recorded in upstate New York with Liam Trashmouth and the band producing (with Sean Lennon hel;ping on ‘Satisfied’), the new album not only holds our excitement and giddy anticipation of a riot, but the hopes of a downtrodden sect.

We won’t go on about an album we haven’t heard so here’s the band’s view.

While our first LP might be considered an assault, a spasmodic outpouring of disdain generated by the utter tedium of life when it is found unlivable, Songs For Our Mothers is an invitation. It is an invitation, sent by misery, to dance to the beat of human hatred. In it we ask that you take us gently by the hand as we lead you on a journey, a journey that leads us from the blinding white heat of a midday Mediterranean shore, to the embattled boudoir of Ike and Tina Turner, from the clotted grey droll of Dr Harold Shipmans waiting room, to the final hours of the Third Reich in the Berlin bunker.  
It is as much a catalogue of our obsessions as it is a sensual odyssey; sex, drugs, politics, death, the Northern Irish A-lister Sam Neil, it’s all here, all that’s left to do now is breathe it in.  



1. Whitest Boy On The Beach
2. Satisfied
3. Love Is The Crack
4. Duce
5. Lebensraum
6. Hits Hits Hits
7. Tinfoil Deathstar
8. When Shipman Decides
9. We Must Learn To Rise
10. Goodbye Goebbels