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Rejjie Snow shares serene new track 'Relax'

Rejjie Snow - 'Relax'

Irish rap sensation, Rejjie Snow, has announced details of his second album and shared a breezy new track, ‘Relax’.

In 2018, the rapper released his debut album, Dear Annie, and last year shared the lead single from his forthcoming release, ‘Cookie Chips‘, which featured the late MF Doom. The introspective artist’s debut was a breath of fresh air and quickly made him one of the most distinct rappers around, with Baw Baw Black Sheep looking like another revelatory release.

The mellow track sees Snow take a calm pause and instruct everyone to ‘Relax’ in his trademark silky flow. The new effort sees Snow collaborate with LA collective, group therapy and produced by Cam O’Bi, who sprinkles ‘Relax’ with tranquil sounds of nature, which exasperate the message Snow eloquently gets across.

Commenting on Baw Baw Black Sheep, which arrives on July 9th, the Irishman said: “I approached [the album] light-heartedly from the point of view of making a short film through music. I always loved Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I watch it all the time. I thought of Baw Baw Black Sheep like a soundtrack to it. I put the movie on with my album, and they synced up perfectly. I tried to tap into all of these feelings. The music is really colourful, and the lyrics are often happy, because that was my state of mind.”

“I felt very at ease,” he continues. “There was nothing heavy on my mind. Everything made sense. I’ve never been that quick with music in the past. It just flowed out of me. I had done a lot of shrooms two months before, so I was prepared for the journey of making Baw Baw Black Sheep. I went out there by myself with no distractions. It was a special time for me.

“When I made Dear Annie, I was coming out of a relationship, and I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to write about it. It was on my mind, because I’m like any other bloke. This time, I went in with nothing. I was in a good space.”

From listening to ‘Relax’ it’s clear that Snow was in a tip-top headspace when he made the track, and it instantly cleanses your mind, body, and soul as a listener too.

Check out the visuals below.