Red Hot Chili Peppers announce tour with a goofy new video


Back in 2019, the Red Hot Chili Peppers announced that they had reunited with longtime guitarist John Frusciante and would be working on new music. The news comes shortly after former guitarist Josh Klinghoffer linked up with fellow ’90s alt-rockers Pearl Jam as a live guitarist.

No word yet on whether the new music is panning out or not, but today the band did announce their intentions to tour in 2022.

Taking place in the KHOT News Room, the supremely silly new video finds Anthony Kiedis as anchor Johnson Hammerswaddle (looking uncannily like Ben Stiller) and Flea as his co-anchor Todd the Squirrel (looking uncannily like Flea as a grandpa) breaking news stories involving exposed buttocks and nosediving prices on beer nuts.

When the duo throw it over to Chad Smith as weatherman Ronny Raindrops, Smith affects a gentle vocal tone reminiscent of Bob Ross and a visual appearance that looks weirdly similar to Peter O’Toole’s character in Venus.

It all leads to the anchors welcoming special guest John Frusciante (played by the man himself). When Frusciante announces the tour’s start in June, Hammerswaddle and Todd the Squirrel go absolutely bananas, forcing Ronny Raindrops to step in to apologise for his colleague’s behaviour. As the skit concludes, the familiar opening notes of ‘Give It Away’ begin to blast.

It’s all ridiculous, and it’s all quite appropriate for a band that thrives on ridiculousness. The exact dates of the worldwide tour have yet to be announced, but the video is a nice holdover until we get the official show dates.

Check out the announcement video down below.