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(Credit: Clem Onojeghuo)


Record Store Day announce second 2021 event


After the global pandemic wreaked havoc for the music industry and the independent stores propping it up, Record Store Day has announced a second event for 2021.

After numerous setbacks and rearranged dates littered the 2020 version of Record Store Day, changes which resulted in the even being split across three events, the annual celebration will take on 2021 with two new dates in June and July.

“With vaccines on the horizon, Record Store Day organisers around the world look forward to the future, but recognise that in 2021, the world’s biggest record store party needs some adjustments to make it as successful for as many participating indie record shops as possible,” a statement from Record Store Day confirmed.

“Throughout the past year, record stores have found creative, flexible and inventive ways to keep serving the music lovers in their communities. However, the ongoing worldwide pandemic makes it impossible to predict the status of many stores and locations around the globe in the next few months.

“This brings with it many unexpected side effects, including production and distribution issues that continue to disrupt record store supply chains. The decision to once again shift the ‘Record Store Day energy’ across two dates allows the largest number of stores to participate around the world.”