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Record label drops artist Alex Calder following sexual assault allegation

Singer-Songwriter Alex Calder has been dropped from record label Captured Tracks following a sexual assault allegation.

Calder, who was previously in a Mac DeMarco’s old band Makeout Videotape, will also have his previous releases pulled from all streaming services the label confirmed in statement.

“Recently, an allegation of sexual assault against Alex Calder has come to our attention,” the label said on Facebook. “We have been working tirelessly to speak with all parties involved and are no longer working with Alex moving forward.

“We feel it is important to preserve the privacy of the third party involved, and therefore we do not feel it is our place as company to share any further details. We will not be proceeding with the release of his album, previously set to come out October 20th.”“These things occurred in the order they did out of respect for the third party to make sure things moved forward at a rate they were comfortable with. If we’d removed his catalog on any given date, it’d lead to the inevitable questions, which we are OK dealing with, but our first thought was to the third party and their comfort level. Unfortunately, you can’t just hit a button on a Friday afternoon and remove catalog from streaming sites outside Soundcloud and Bandcamp,” Captured Tracks continued

“We’ve been doing our best due-diligence in finding the truth of the allegations and respecting the third party as much as possible, none of these decisions were made hastily as this is obviously a serious matter that goes beyond the normal remit of being a record label.”