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Real Lies - North Circular


There’s something about songs with spoken honesty that have a real connection with us, a connection that we can all so easily indulge in.

North London trio, Real Lies have rekindled this love with ‘North Circular’, our Track of the Day.

Kev Khara’s evocative words are reminiscent of Mike Skinner’s prose with The Streets, and ooze a dark and degraded feel like Underworld’s ‘Dark and Long’ whilst emitting an early 1990s acid house groove to great affect.

Even though the song is primarily based on a passing of road in London, the ominous characters throughout summon those strong contemplative feelings we succumb to from time to time. North Circular may well just be your new late night driving anthem or hungover solace, but essentially it stands to remind us that time is always moving forward and going backwards is not an option.

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Leaharen Russo