(Credit: Jake Michaels)


Real Estate cover My Bloody Valentine song 'You Never Should'


Here’s something that’s sure to make you feel happy/old: My Bloody Valentine’s groundbreaking masterpiece Loveless will turn 30 in November.

Few albums have the same blend of indie-rock mystique, cockamamie legend, improbably legacy, and genuine mind-blowing grandeur as the second album by Kevin Shields and his partners in glide guitar crime. Maybe In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Maybe Chinese Democracy, if you replaced “indie rock” with “quasi-industrial” and also replace “mind-blowing grandeur” with “complete and utter cultural indifference”.

The strangest thing about Loveless is how it managed to immediately establish a very specific sound. Shoegaze, or at least elements most commonly associated with shoegaze, had been around before My Bloody Valentine. The group themselves even put out a very good, incredibly similar sounding LP, Isn’t Anything, three years prior, but upon the release of Loveless, a sudden boom occurred in alt-rock that saw a whole bunch of bands try to create blankets of distortion and vacuum cleaner sounds with their guitars. The Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, Lush, and even modern dream pop auteurs like Beach House can tip their hat to My Bloody Valentine, not so much for breaking down the door but for blowing it completely off the hinges.

Real Estate is one of those bands doing the tipping, having recorded an EP’s worth of covers that includes a choice cut from Isn’t Anything: ‘You Never Should’.

The covers were recorded for Aquarium Drunkard’s Lagniappe Sessions, which also finds the band taking on Parsley Sound’s ‘Ocean House’, John Cale’s ‘Please’, Roger Miller’s ‘Little Green Apples’ and Jawbone’s ‘Java Jelly’. I can say without any hesitation or additional research that this is without a doubt the first time that country troubadour Roger Miller has been featured on the same album as My Bloody Valentine.

Check out the covers EP here and listen to the ‘You Never Should’, below.