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(Credit: Razorlight)


Razorlight return with energetic new single ‘Call Me Junior’

Razorlight - 'Call Me Junior'

London indie group Razorlight have returned after a long hiatus with an energetic new single, ‘Call Me Junior’. Listen to the new track below.

The new single, released on Atlantic Culture Records/Absolute, sees the return of the band’s full original lineup of Johnny Borrell, Andy Burrows, Björn Ågren, and Carl Dalemo after ten years of silence. 

Borrell, Ågren and Dalemo first formed the band in 2002, while Burrows joined two years later. Together, they released three studio albums, 2004’s debut Up All Night, 2006’s self-titled follow-up and 2008’s Slipway Fires

The band are best known for their 2006 eponymous release, which was home to hits including ‘America’, ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Before I Fall To Pieces’. 

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They have returned with a new single, hinting that the long-awaited fifth album will be with us in the near future. ‘Call Me Junior’ was produced by Borrell and was written during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on a Skype writing session between Borrell and Burrows.

The new track comes will a little more of a punk element than most of the band’s previous material as a chugging guitar rhythm joins a pacey beat. When Borrell’s unique vocals and the lead sections bloom into the song, memories of the Razorlight we know and love come flooding back but with a new twist.

Borrell said of the song: “I had dreamt something, and Andy sent me a very rough voice note. I fused the 2 ideas together and we kind of had a song.”

He continued: “It’s a funny thing rediscovering Razorlight; normally when writing, you find yourself thinking ‘this sounds kinda Bowie-ish or Stones-ish or Prince-ish etc – that’s cool let’s do that’, but with getting back into an old writing partnership you start going ‘Oh that sounds really Razorlight-ish, cool let’s do that.’ It’s great to be recording again, great to be producing and great to have the band back together. It’s a unique sound these 4 people make.”

Burrows added: “I rang Johnny, played some chords and a bit of melody that I had, down the phone, the next day I walked into the studio, and he was sat at the piano playing this finished song…as soon as we played it together with the band, it clicked.

“An instant rocker, like an old friend. We wanted to put something out ourselves, before we play live shows this summer, and this seemed like the perfect fit.”

Earlier this year, the band revealed that they had been working on their fifth studio album. “Greetings from 2022, here we are in Gloucestershire working hard on Razor album 5,” the band tweeted, captioning a pair of photos taken outside a studio.

Discussing the reunion last year, Burrows said: “It feels incredible. We’ve spent the past week or two rehearsing. Playing these songs has been an absolute joy. The emotions that were going through me when we started playing ‘America’, I forgot to play the first half of the song – it was totally nuts. It’s been amazing. It’s so powerful playing these old tunes. It’s very very special.”

Borrell added: “I’m really enjoying reconnecting with Andy and Carl, it’s like getting to know people again. I’m enjoying it because you never want to lose friends. It’s a horrible thing to think. It doesn’t really make sense. It definitely feels good to me on a personal level.

“On a creative level – amazing. We’ve been in the studio rehearsing and recording. As soon as the four of us are in the room, it just sounds amazing, straight away.”

Listen to ‘Call Me Junior’ below.