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Rat Boy has a chill(ish) video for ‘Laidback’

With new album Scum on its way from Jordan Cardy and co, the new track form the band ‘Laidback’ has been getting some serious attention across the nation. The song is equal parts Fosters in the garden and joint on under the bridge – but both with your lover.

“I think people will be surprised when they hear ‘Laidback’ as it’s a love song […] We’re usually going mental on stage, so it’s good to calm down for a second when we play it and it goes down really well”. Said Cardy of the track.

The video sees the band ride off in to the country and play a gig amid the greenery, which sound somewhat John major idyllic (look it up kids), and it is until you realise they are playing in front of an abandoned caravan that looks fit for the fire.

And guess what, they bloody set it on fire.

You rapscallions!