RAT BOY gets ‘LAIDBACK’ on new single


Jordan Cardy, AKA Rat Boy, has been gnawing away at the social structures around him on his recent efforts, all promising for his upcoming LP Scum which not only has a whiff of the cult-classic about it but the possibility to really pop and soundtrack the summer of kettling ahead.

On his latest song however, Jordan and Co get a little more pop and let the sun shine through as they do what the track says and get laid back. ‘LAIDBACK’ in truth, is a charming love letter in a modern age, it feels textured and still simple. And, it has bloody Graham Coxon on it. Win.

Not only is the Blur guitarist featuring on this track but Blur’s lead man Damon ALbarn plays keys on the album as well. Connected.

Listen and lay back.