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Rare Radiohead track 'Come to Your Senses' released in full for first time


A rare recording of mysterious Radiohead track ‘Come to Your Senses’ has been released in full for first time.

The track dates back to 2006 when the band were preparing a short tour to test out new material for the album which would later become 2007 LP, In Rainbows. While in soundcheck for a stellar show at California’s  Greek Theatre, the band played a track that became known as ‘Come to Your Senses’ by fans but was never released in full or never played live. In turn, the track became somewhat of a myth.

Furthermore, a YouTube account named Hoserama would go on to release a short snippet of the track at the time of its emergence. Now, to celebrate its 12th anniversary, that same YouTube account has finally released the full recording which is wonderfully clear.

Sit back, enjoy the ride: