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Credit: Prince


Super rare and long-lost Prince guitar set to be sold for £1 million at auction


A guitar owned by Prince is being lined up for a major sale at an upcoming memorabilia auction and is expected to sell for £1million.

The guitar, which was once considered lost after it disappeared in the 1990s, was used by Prince on his now-iconic ‘Purple Rain’ tour.

Prince’s ‘cloud’ guitar is the featured item as part of Julien’s Auctions ‘Music Icons’ sale which will take place June 19-20. The custom made electric blue instrument was created for and used throughout the Purple Rain Tour and used throughout the Parade Tour in 1986.

“The guitar, currently painted an electric blue finish, has been refinished a number of times, but began white,” a description on Julien’s Auctions site reads. “The guitar has also been painted and used by Prince as peach, light blue, and yellow. The guitar neck is cracked from between the 6th and 7th frets up to the headstock.

“From 1984 until the time that Andy Beech began making Cloud guitars for Prince in 1993, this was Prince’s primary performance Cloud guitar. Guitar is accompanied by a custom purple Calzone case with stencilled labelling identifying this as ‘C1’ and listing the address for Paisley Park.”

“The owners of the other three Cloud guitars won’t be selling soon so this opportunity may never come up again,” Martin Nolan of Julien’s told Fox News.

You can see the auction, here.