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Rare Paul McCartney demo tape set to sell for £10,000 at auction


Paul McCartney’s rare demo cassette tape is set to be auctioned off, and it has the potential to fetch big bucks. Predicted to sell somewhere in the region of £10,000, fans are running wild with curiosity about what exactly is on this demo.

The song in question is an old Beatles song titled ‘Attention’, which was actually featured on Ringo Starr‘s 1981 album Stop and Smell the Roses. The tape runs for four minutes and two seconds, and has been kept relatively under wraps until now.

The demo was originally given to saxophone player Howie Casey, in order to reference in advance of the recording session for the record. Casey’s wife, Sheila, is also featured singing backing vocals on the demo, as is Linda McCartney. 

The cassette tape also features and handwritten note attached to it, and it’s recorded on a Maxwell C-60 audio cassette. The tape is set to go to auction on April 26th at Liverpool’s Omega Auctions. Although it’s unclear exactly how much the tape will auction for, that high price point is everyone’s best guess at present.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather said of the tape, “To hear [McCartney] unaccompanied working through the bones of a song like this is really fascinating and it does give an insight into his startling talent for songwriting.” Which many can agree with, hence the artifact’s value. 

This isn’t the only big news to come from McCartney recently, as per his previous announcement that he’s opening his childhood home up for unsigned music artists to use as a base to write, perform and gain inspiration from. It seems that in 2022, McCartney is as busy as ever.

If you want to take a listen to a snippet of the demo tape, you can find it down below.