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Rare never-before-seen photographs of Salvador Dali and Picasso


Never-before-seen black and white photographs of Salvador Dali, Picasso and Joan Miro have surfaced.

The images, which were unveiled by Hampstead’s Zebra One Gallery, also celebrate vintage photographs of the likes of Andre Villers, Paul Almasy, Robert Capa and Robert Doisneau.

However, it is the images of Dali and Picasso taken between 1952 and 1968 that are the biggest draw. One photograph, in particular, the image of Dali taken by Paul Popper in 1964, captures the artist joking around with his iconic pencil moustache.

In another, taken by Irish photographer Edward Quinn in 1968 just five years before Picasso’s death, depicts the artist standing in his studio in front of two large canvases.

Here’s a selection of our favourites via the Zebra One Gallery:

(Credit: Zebra One Gallery)
(Credit: Zebra One Gallery)
(Credit: Zebra One Gallery)
(Credit: Zebra One Gallery)

All images used courtesy of Zebra One Gallery