Raphaël Coleman, actor and climate activist, has died aged 25
(Credit: Extinction Rebellion)

Raphaël Coleman, actor and climate activist, has died aged 25

Raphaël Coleman, the 25-year-old climate activist and former actor, has passed away.

Coleman’s death was confirmed by his mother, Liz Jensen, who posted on social media. “He died doing what he loved,” she said before adding that she wants to “celebrate all he achieved in his short life and cherish his legacy”.

Coleman was a successful child actor, starring the role of Eric Brown in 2005 fantasy film Nanny McPhee alongside Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. In the years that followed, Coleman took on the name of James “Iggy” Fox and became a passionate climate change activist and became closely affiliated with the Extinction Rebellion movement.

It has since been confirmed that Coleman passed away after collapsing without any prior health issues.

“I guess there’s nothing that makes you see death as unfair and meaningless as when a young person dies,” Coleman’s stepfather, Carsten Jensen, wrote in a statement on Facebook. “It’s life itself that’s sabotaged. It just happened to my wife, Liz, whose youngest son, Raph of only 25, died last Friday. He collapsed without prior health problems in the middle of a trip and could not be restored. I got to know Raph when he was six years old, and we were so close.”

He continued: “When I think of Raph, I see something that will never die, a blunt of eternity, a light beam that lives forever in young people.”

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