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Rammstein return with a controversial new video for 'Radio'

If you were expecting German metal legends Rammstein to move into old age with a wiling elegance then you haven’t been paying attention. Never ones to miss an opportunity to provoke and cause controversy the band have returned with another figurative poke of the societal bear with new video ‘Radio’.

The second single from the band’s first album in 10 years, the metal overlords have given us another video to not show your grandmother. Expect to see violence, masturbation, and nudity. All in a day’s work for Rammstein.

Rammstein share excerpts of new music and gets fans very excited

The video sees the band in cabaret garb performing in a music hall as their music rings out through the streets via old school wireless radios. As you’d imagine, soldiers march through the streets while women masturbate with radios, with one trying to breastfeed the radio.

As the soldiers reach the hall with a view to dismantling the band, tey swing their batons only to be stopped by a forcefield of sorts. This deters the soldiers and instead they begin a spectacular dance routine.

What we’re trying to say is that this a Rammstein video. Watch below