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Rage Against The Machine show support for Palestine: "Resist this colonial terror in all its forms"

Rage Against The Machine have used their voice to show solidarity with Palestine as tensions mount with Israel and Hamas.

The fighting between Israel and Hamas this week has been the worst since 2017. Conflict erupted on Monday evening after weeks of rising Israeli-Palestinian tension in East Jerusalem. This culminated in physical clashes and acts of war at a holy site much revered by both sides. The extent of the escalation is alarming, and the UN fears a “full-scale war”.

Rage Against The Machine took to Twitter to share a statement they said was with the “blessing” of all four members. They posted: “The violence and atrocities we are witnessing in Sheikh Jarrah, the Al Aqsa compound and Gaza are a continuation of decades of Israel’s brutal apartheid and violent occupation of Palestine. We stand with the Palestinian people as they resist this colonial terror in all its forms”.

Sky News report that, as it stands, at least 83 people in Gaza have lost their lives, including 17 children. There have also been seven deaths in Israel since violence escalated on Monday. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said he is “gravely concerned” about the violence.

Tom Morello recently discussed the importance of musicians using their political voice, telling The Pulse Of Radio: “The reason why you hear from celebrities is because they have some access to the media to present an alt — you’re not gonna hear that on the Fox News,” he said. “They will not — they will have General This and General That and Generalissimo This.

“The fact that we have some, for lack of a better word, celebrity and are able to inject a different opinion, you can take it for what you want. We each get one vote, and we each have one voice.”

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