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Rage Against The Machine announce 'Live At The Democratic National Convention 2000' album


One of the many brilliant Record Store Day 2018 releases announced was the truly fucking biblical announcement that Rage Against The Machine would be releasing a live recording of one of the most notable gigs in history.

The performance, set across the road from the Staples Centre where the Democratic National convention was being held, the new release will offer a live recording of six tracks from the show and will be in very limited number.


The band had been protesting the two-party system for a long time, and their general hatred towards authority continued to swell. As the band became more and more notorious for their ideologies, and the 2000 election loomed, it was all coming to a head.

Youtube channel BVMTV which holds the footage of the gig explains it perfectly: “Rage Against the Machine (RATM) played a free concert in protest of the two-party system. The band had been considering playing a protest concert there since April of that year.In the months leading up to the convention, cable channel MTV began planning a large, free concert to take place in downtown Los Angeles as a part of its “Choose or Lose” campaign aimed at getting youth out to vote. MTV decided that popular rock group RATM would be the ideal marquee band. However, RATM’s aggressive political message combined with the title of its most recent album, The Battle of Los Angeles, caused serious concerns from LA city leaders. MTV’s applications for staging the concert were denied by the city and the channel eventually gave up its attempts to plan one. After MTV’s attempts failed, a number of protest groups agreed to give their one hour time allotments on the stage in the Protest Zone. RATM was offered prime time slots coinciding with the marquee speaker on the opening night of the convention, then-President Bill Clinton.”

For now, watch the footage and go ballistic.

Live at the Democratic National Convention 2000:

01 Bulls on Parade
02 Testify
03 Guerilla Radio
04 Sleep Now in the Fire
05 Freedom
06 Killing in the Name