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Radkey Release 'Parade It'


We brought you Radkey quite a while ago now and while we have been drifting around in the endless wind that seems to batter these shores and hoping for a heavy knock of guitars little did we know Radkey had been quietly creating a huge noise to knock us off course.

Born out of a mutual love of punk and hardcore, oh and their fraternal status, the brothers from Missouri set about creating a racket. A racket that everybody stood up and took notice of as the age of the band and their full throttle noise didn’t quite add up.

Now as we all come to grips with their novelty age Radkey have produced one of their better songs to date. Unlike ‘Cat and Mouse’ ‘Parade It’ has a more sophisticated tone dealing with the dark area of envy.

It’s about seeing someone move on without you. About how deep you can get involved with someone, and just how badly it can backfire.” – Isaiah Radke

This song really demonstrates the band’s maturity and more importantly their ability to knock out a heavy yet tuneful punk song.

Jack Whatley