Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has announced the release of his score for the new Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix film titled You Were Never Really Here.

The Lynne Ramsay project is an adaptation of a Jonathan Amex’ novella also called You Were Never Really Here. It will be coming to cinemas on April 6th.

The film’s synopsis says the film is about “a war veteran’s attempt to save a young girl from a sex trafficking ring goes horribly wrong.”

Greenwood’s soundtrack will be released digitally on March 9 via Invada Records/Lakeshore Records, prior to the film’s release.

Greenwood is no stranger to soundtrack’s and has previously worked on film soundtracks numerous times for friend and director Paul Thomas Anderson, notably for There Will Be Blood, The Master and Inherent Vice.

He teamed up with Anderson again recently for Phantom Thread, for which he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Original Score.

Greenwood recently appeared on Adam Buxton’s podcast where he revealed details about his “slightly nauseating bromance” with Anderson.

The Radiohead member recently received his first-ever Oscar nomination, with Phantom Thread up for Best Original Score – a film that was directed by Anderson which worked well because of the pair’s bromance according to the man himself.

“He basically likes to take the piss out of me,” Greenwood explained while speaking on Adam Buxton’s podcast, “and was joking about how unromantic Radiohead is. And [he] said, ‘Come on, you must have some romance in you. Give me more strings.’ And he wanted the music to be really English and really romantic and be written by me, which feels like a big three-way contradiction now I’ve said that.”

When discussing whether or not he would attend the Oscars, Greenwood said: “My wife thinks it’s quite ridiculous,” he said. “But then I realised I was quite pleased with myself at the idea of not going, and I think it’s always good to resist that kind of urge, that sort of smirk. So maybe do the opposite to that impulse…. [But] no one wants to see sweaty version of me, shambling around, looking embarrassed. Amusing Paul, I think, is the main goal. Whatever entertains him.”

Radiohead today announced a string of new North American tour dates, which you can see details of here.