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Credit: YouTube


Radiohead will auction Thom Yorke's iconic 'Lotus Flower' bowler hat


In one of the more curious purchases you could make this lockdown, Radiohead are offering up a chance for fans to bid on a key piece of the band’s iconography when they auction off Thom Yorke’s bowler hat taken from the video for ‘Lotus Flower’.

Proceeds from the auction will go toward Cahonas Scotland and Testicular Cancer Education and Awareness in a bid to shed more light on a big killer. The hat is being sold through eBay and is therefore open to every member of the public and subject to many of the band’s fans and their huge bids.

The hat has become a piece of the band’s history thanks largely to the video shot for ‘Lotus Flower’. The clip, which you can see below, sees Thom Yorke providing the camera with a touching and honest interpretive dance. Naturally, therefore, it rose to huge prominence and when signed by Yorke himself, is expected to fetch a fair sum.

It seems that the money being raised will be substantial. After 90 bids the hat is already set to fetch £6,800 but with five days left until the bidding closes, we imagine it will break the £10,000 mark. Considering the increase in rock memorabilia being auctioned off, a bidding war wouldn’t’ come as a surprise.

It may sound silly in today’s climate to put so much poignancy on a piece of rock memorabilia but, above all else, these days we need a bit of irreverence — a piece of nostalgia we can call our own.

So, if you have the money, why not help out a good cause and pick up an unforgettable present at the same time.