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Credit: Goldberg


Radiohead will be sharing concert films to YouTube amid coronavirus lockdown


As we all continue to struggle with our new reality and we are forced to stay indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak, artists have taken to the internet to keep us entertained. The latest to do so is Radiohead.

The alt-rock giants will be moving some more of their archival footage onto streaming platforms every week to try and keep the spirits up during unprecedented times.

Before the coronavirus outbreak began Radiohead had made some headlines when they announced the Radiohead Public Library—a place where fans could find a host of archival footage previously kept out of the public eye.

Now the band have gone one step further and will be sharing more concert footage, this time on YouTube, for us all to enjoy.

The band announced via their social media, “Now that you have no choice whether or not you fancy a quiet night in, we hereby present the first of several weekly live shows coming to Radiohead’s YouTube channel.”

The first release ‘Radiohead – Live From A Tent In Dublin (October 2000)’ will premiere at 10 pm tonight.