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(Credit: Christina Murillo)

Relive rare footage of Radiohead's brilliant live performance from London's Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 2003

At a time when live music remains totally off the menu amid the never-ending health crisis, we decided to dip back into the Far Out Magazine vault to pick out a quite brilliant Radiohead live show taken from Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2003.

As the UK enters yet another nationwide lockdown amid rising coronavirus cases and the growing death toll, the need for online escapism appears ever stronger. While the medium of social media livestreams appeared to boom during the first outbreak of Covid, a nostalgic reflection on a string of mesmerising performances from years gone by offers a chance to experience live music in some capacity once more.

Radiohead, who recently officially launched their Radiohead Public Library, a comprehensive archive of all things related to the band, has also been indulging in a period of reflection. While the archive is designed to bring a bit of order to the wide-range of Radiohead trivia, rare songs, videos, and performances that are cast across the online world, it also sees the band attempt to collect their past experiences into one confined location.

The Radiohead Public Library collates the videos, photos, and rarities through a library format and even offers patrons the chance to create his own library cards. Once that’s complete they can then explore some of the best visuals, artefacts and best bits of Radiohead in a “highly curated and organised archive.” The archive contains everything from artwork to music videos, from HD live and TV performances to the band’s preferred playlists, with B-sides and out-of-commission merchandise completing an enticing prospect.

While the band has already shared a number of rarities, one piece of archival footage has yet to ‘officially’ come to light; Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The show, what was filmed and released as Radiohead: The Devil’s Way, a live film directed by Brett Turnbull, is considered to be a piece of Radiohead rarity.

The set, which was recorded in May, kicked off would be a very busy summer for Radiohead as their performance at Glastonbury Festival loomed. Still touring the album Amnesiac and hits from albums that pre-dated that record, the band would release Hail to the Thief in the coming weeks.

Starting off with ‘There There’, Radiohead rolled through the now classics before playing three encores which included the likes of ‘I Might Be Wrong’, ‘Like Spinning Plates’, ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘Karma Police’ before finishing with acoustic Thom Yorke number ‘True Love Waits’.

Here’s the setlist and enjoy the footage, below:

Radiohead Shepherd’s Bush Empire Setlist:

01 – ‘There There’
02 – ‘2 + 2 = 5’
03 – ‘The National Anthem’
04 – ‘Idioteque’
05 – ‘Go to Sleep’
06 – ‘Sit Down, Stand Up’
07 – ‘Karma Police’
08 – ‘Paranoid Android’
09 – ‘Everything in Its Right Place’