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(Credit: MTV)


Radiohead to stream 'Live at the Astoria' show from 1994


Radiohead have yet another concert film to share with us as their weekly series continues to gather pace. The latest footage comes from one of their most iconic shows, their 1994 performance at London’s Astoria.

As has been customary with the recent concert film releases, the footage will drop on YouTube this evening (28th May) at around 10pm BST and this one is set to be really special.

It’s a highly anticipated release as it sees Thom Yorke and the band in a crucial period of development. The group were touring their recent record Pablo Honey when they set foot on the Astoria stage and were still a few months away from their seminal album The Bends. It means the footage sees the group at a pivotal moment in their career.

The group were still riding the wave of unexpected success following ‘Creep’ but were not letting that distract them from the matter at hand. Their success in America had perhaps dissuaded them from pursuing their original grunge blueprint and instead were focusing on the future of rock.

It means that the Live at the Astoria film has some first outings, or at least first officially recorded debuts of some of the band’s most legendary numbers including, ‘Fake Plastic Trees,’ ‘Black Star’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’.

If that wasn’t enough, the footage also still has a bleached blonde baby Thom Yorke leading the line and that’s about all you’ll ever need.

Bookmark and return to this post at 10pm to watch the full video.