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(Credit: Zach Klein)

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood hits out at “idiot” climate change critics


Radiohead multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood has hit out at climate change critics amid a wave of abuse directed at Extinct Rebellion campaigners.

Greenwood, who has been a longtime advocate of change and, alongside his bandmates, has actively campaigned in support of Greenpeace, recently released 18 hours of previously unheard OK Computer material in support of the Extinct Rebellion movement.

Now, in a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian, Greenwood was reluctant to rest on his laurels and was keen to keep pushing in his bid to offer a change: “Are you saying our legacy will be, ‘We warned you it was going to be terrible, and now it is?’ He said while alluding to the important work that needs to be done. “Wow. Good times.”

The conversation then turned to the subject of hypocrisy around the subject of climate change and, more specifically, how critics have commented that certain musicians pushing the Extinct Rebellion cause are the same campaigners who regularly use air travel as a means to visit different countries while on tour.

“Yes, this person is a hypocrite because they flew,” Greenwood replied bluntly. “But if picking holes in someone’s green credentials is all you need to convince yourself there’s no climate change problem then you’re kind of an idiot.”