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(Credit: Ed O'Brien)


Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien shares debut solo album 'Earth'


Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has finally made his way into the world of solo music with the release of his debut album Earth.

O’Brien, who has worked with producer Flood and Alan Moulder on the record, created a prolific team made up Catherine Marks, Cecil Bartlett and “some of Willesden’s finest sound engineers” to help his entry to the world of solo music. O’Brien also reeled off a list of well-known names who have collaborated with him on the new material with the likes of Radiohead bandmate Colin Greenwood, Laura Marling, Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, Portishead’s Adrian Utley and more all being cited.

The Radiohead man previously explained that while his time in South America helped shape his vision for the new material, it was Primal Scream’s iconic third studio album Screamadelica that proved pivotal: “I was listening to a lot of music out there [in Brazil] and how it resonated, and I hadn’t heard this record in years, and I put it on every day in the middle of the Brazilian countryside, I’d have a brew, I’d have a cup of tea like a good British boy right, and I put this record on, and I heard ‘Movin on Up, and I got spine tingles,” O’Brien said in an interview with BBC 5 Live.

He added: “There’s something about this record, and I think it’s that, that whole thing that they did on that record, y’know, it was where the rave acid house culture had its, not first legitimate album, but it was an extraordinary body of work. That record was extraordinary, and it was just like ok, it’s this kind of record that I wanted to make and I think also lyrically on this song, it’s like that gospel thing, coming out of the darkness into the light and that again was something that really resonated.”

Now, detailing the decision to live in South America and move solo for a period of time, he added: “We had a truly profound experience living in that extraordinary country,” O’Brien said in a press release. “Made new connections with people and places… And happened to go to Carnaval in Rio in 2013… Truly the greatest show on Earth… An explosion of light, melody, rhythm and love.”

“For me, one of those musical eureka moments…. As our time out there came to an end, we headed home and I found myself intuitively heading for the Welsh Hills. With a copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, a couple of guitars, an amp, and some pedals (of course), I rented a cottage in the Cambrian Mountains and the songs that make up the album started to flow out…”

Stream the album, below.