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Credit: YouTube


Radiohead's concert film series will end with their 1997 performance 'Live in Belfort'


In April of this year, Radiohead announced a concert film series to ease the pains of lockdown and regale us with a time when we could experience live music on a mass scale.

Now, with lockdown easing in the UK, the alt-rock royalty has decided to halt their series “for now, at least”. The final release in this series will take a look back at Radiohead performing an astonishing headline set in 1997 during France’s Eurockéennes festival.

The Radiohead Public Library will close a section of its doors to the public following the release of the final concert film from the band’s lockdown series. The band started the series to help defeat boredom during quarantine and said the series would continue, “until either the restrictions resulting from the current situation are eased, or we run out of shows.”

“Many thanks for watching,” write Radiohead alongside the announcement of the new film on the band’s official Instagram account. “The esteemed government of the United Kingdom has deemed it time to ease lockdown. We will of course see how that goes. See you later. Or possibly sooner.”

The video will premiere on July 2nd at 10 pm BST and the video is already loaded with comments from fans grieving for the series as well as sharing their thanks for the releases so far.

Tune in at 10pm to watch the Eurockéennes de Belfort set right here, and you can catch a short preview below.