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R Kelly’s controversial New York City show has been cancelled


R Kelly’s controversial New York show has been cancelled, according to reports.

A huge pre-planned event scheduled to take place at the Madison Square Garden Hulu Theatre has been scrapped. The show, which went has gone relatively under the radar, was scheduled in for September 15th and would have been

The venue, which as a capacity of 5,600, began selling tickets a matter of days ago despite the minor promotion of the event. However, Ticketmaster scrapped sales unexpectedly recently.

Given the countless sexual misconduct, sexual assault claims and allegations of a sex cult made against the singer, tickets sales appeared to be slow.

However, it was not ticket sales issues that have caused the cancellation. South Carolina-based promoter  Victory Promotions, who planned the show, confirmed to Spin that the event was binned due to Hurricane Florence, a storm heading for the city.

Facing a wave of criticism for the show, a representative for MSG told Spin prior to cancellation: “MSG has a long history of not censoring performers. We believe artists have the right to rent our venues to put on their own event, and that the public then has the choice whether or not to support that event.”

R Kelly himself even addressed controversial sexual misconduct allegations made against him on a bizarre new 19-minute song called ‘I Admit It’. Kelly first previewed the song on Instagram Live, saying: “I done made some mistake,” but then strongly denies sexual misconduct by adding: “How they gon’ say I don’t respect these women, when all I’ve done is represent (30 years)/ Take my career and turn it upside down, ’cause you mad I’ve got some girlfriends (girlfriends),” he sings.

Kelly’s music was also recently removed from playlists as part of a new public hate content and hateful conduct policy as fresh allegations claimed that the 51-year-old “knowingly and intentionally infected” a 19-year-old woman with an STD. On top of that, Far Out Magazine reported the claims laid out R Kelly groomed a 14-year-old girl to be his “fucking pet” and ordered her to crawl around and perform oral sex on him and others on request.

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R Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly, the singer, choreographer, dancer and reality show star, has also opened up about the alleged abuse she has suffered at the hands of the R’n’B singer while appearing on the daytime TV show ‘Sister Circle’.

Married to Kelly from 1996 to 2009, Andrea bravely came forward to add weight to the vast number of claims laid against the singer. Speaking to host Syleena Johnson, Kelly discussed contemplating suicide as a means of escape. Continuing she said that she typed “domestic abuse” into her computer, which led her to an online questionnaire. “It was 17 questions, and they ask you, ‘Has your abuse ever done…?’ And of the 17, Robert had done 15 to me.”

Andrea Kelly then addressed her ex-husband directly, discussing his 2013 memoir Soulacoaster. “Robert, you don’t get to tell my story… You don’t get to tell people that we got divorced because I had a problem with being a stay-at-home mom,” they have two children together. “We got divorced because I was no longer going to sit and be violated. What he did to me was criminal.”

She went on to meet with the parents of Jocelyn Savage who claimed their daughter is being brainwashed by R Kelly in his “cult”. Andrea addressed them “I just want you to know that I stand in the gap for Jocelyn, and I understand it to a level that no police officer, no counsellor, no judge, nobody will understand,” she told them.

Watch it below.

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