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Quentin Tarantino on working with Brad Pitt: "He's different breed of man"


Quentin Tarantino has gushed about Brad Pitt in a new interview. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Inglorious Basterds director has worked with the Oscar-winning actor twice in the past and has now compared working with Pitt to watching a movie unfold in real-time

Speaking to GQ, Tarantino said: “I noticed it when we were doing Inglourious Basterds. When Brad was in the shot, I didn’t feel like I was looking through the viewfinder of the camera. I felt like I was watching a movie. Just his presence in the four walls of the frame created that impression.”

The director went on to name Pitt “one of the last remaining big-screen movie stars,” alongside Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Steve McQueen. “He suggests an older-style movie star,” Tarantino continued. “It’s just a different breed of man. And frankly, I don’t think you can describe exactly what that is because it’s like describing starshine,” he concluded.

The Pulp Fiction director didn’t stop there: “He’s really good-looking,” he continued, making no attempt to hide his adoration. “He’s also really masculine and he’s also really hip; he gets the joke.”

Tarantino then went on to highlight one of Pitt’s greatest assets: “But the thing that only the directors that work with Brad and the actors that act opposite him really know, what he’s so incredibly talented at, is his ability to really understand the scene. He might not be able to articulate it, but he has an instinctive understanding about it.”

With all that, you’d think Pitt’s presence in Tarantino’s tenth and final film would be guaranteed; think again. Back in 2020, the director announced that he was planning to retire. He has since suggested making Kill Bill III, another spaghetti western in the vein of Django, and even a horror film. Although, if Tarantino wants Pitt onboard, he’s going to have to move quickly. Speaking to author Otessa Moshfegh in the GQ profile, the actor said: “I consider myself on my last leg… this last semester or trimester. What is this section gonna be? And how do I wanna design that?”