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Watch a rare clip of Quentin Tarantino and Steve Buscemi working on ‘Reservoir Dogs’

In the nineties, as well as the blockbuster moments of the decade, the ’90s provided a chance for so many indie directors to make their name. One of the most legendary was Quentin Tarantino, and he made his name with one Reservoir Dogs in 1991.

But there was one actor far more prolific in “indiewood”, that was Steve Buscemi, below is a video of the pair workshopping Mr Pink, Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs.

A fruitful decade for cinema both leading members of this video played vital roles. Tarantino would become the poster boy for the indie cinema movement while Buscemi was deemed by Roger Ebert as “the house act of American independent films.”

It’s not too far off the mark either as Buscemi starred in Rockwell’s In The Soup, DiCillo’s Living In Oblivion, the iconic Fargo and, of course, the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski. Buscemi though would prove to be a chameleon of sorts though with 1996’s Tree Lounge he jumped behind the camera to direct his own feature film and it’s most certainly one of the better independent films of the decade. Perhaps he learnt a little something from Tarantino himself.

During the decade, Tarantino would go on to direct a host of impressive films, Jackie Brown being our favourite, but his appearance in those films as an actor has always been just as entertaining. His work as Mr Brown in the opening act of the film is truly a magic moment of cinema, considering it is his first feature film he handles both directing and acting with aplomb.

Which is where we find our two stars, Tarantino and Steve Buscemi working on their respective diamond-heist villains, Mr Brown and Mr Pink. During the video they really get to grips with the characters and you can feel Tarantino leading Buscemi down the path – ever the director.

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