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Behind-the-scenes photos of Quentin Tarantino masterpiece 'Pulp Fiction'


Given yet another critically acclaimed release from Quentin Tarantino in the shape of his most recent film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, we thought it was a good time to look back at the filmmaker’s most well-known piece of work; Pulp Fiction.

The iconic crime film, released in 1994, was both written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and tells several stories of criminal activity taking place in Los Angeles. 

Having recruited an all-star cast for the film, Tarantino included the likes of John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and Tim Roth having previously worked alongside Roger Avary when developing the film’s award-winning screenplay.

For John Travolta, the role of hitman Vincent Vega revitalised his career and personally earned him one of the seven Oscar nominations the film was up for at the Academy Awards. With a Best Picture nomination to boot, Pulp Fiction ultimately failed to beat its rival Forest Gump that year and only walked away winning one of its seven nominations; Best Original Screenplay.

Despite the disappointing return from the Academy, the film’s impact on the development of independent cinema remains its lasting legacy. The sophistication of the plot, the score and the self-reflexivity, unconventional structure put Tarantino on the map in just his second feature film.

“I got the idea of doing something that novelists get a chance to do but filmmakers don’t: telling three separate stories, having characters float in and out with different weights depending on the story,” Tarantino once said about his writing style for Pulp Fiction.

Tarantino explained that the idea “was basically to take like the oldest chestnuts that you’ve ever seen when it comes to crime stories – the oldest stories in the book. You know, you’ve seen the story a zillion times.”

“I’m using old forms of storytelling and then purposely having them run awry,” he added. “Part of the trick is to take these movie characters, these genre characters and these genre situations and actually apply them to some of real life’s rules and see how they unravel.”

Well, see how it unravels, below:

(Images via Unreality Mag)