(Credit: Georges Biard)


Revisit Quentin Tarantino's wonderful pranks on editor Sally Menke


The filming of Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 comic book war epic Inglorious Basterds will forever be remembered as a special one by the man himself. It would be the final time the director would complete a movie alongside his ever-present editor Sally Menke who sadly died in 2010.

While the overall results of his collaborations with Menke would be the legacy that Tarantino holds dearest in his memory, it is a series of on-set pranks that epitomises their wonderful relationship. The jokes, which began during the filming of Death Proof, would see Tarantino ask the cast to turn to the camera and simply state: “Hello Sally”.

Menke was colossal in the editing room and will forever be known as one of the leading lights of her field. She was twice nominated for an Academy Award and three times for a BAFTA for her work with Tarantino, an evergreen figure in his output. But sadly 2010, at the age of 56, Sally passed away. Her assistant editor Fred Raskin would take over duties on Django Unchained, a film that Tarantino would have felt was bereft of a certain spark.

During their time together, dating all the way back to Tarantino’s debut into cinema with his first feature-length film, 1992’s Reservoir Dogs, Menke has been the editing anchor to Tarantino’s “writer-director” pirate ship. Working tirelessly for hours upon hours at the desk is a painful fact for editors but Tarantino found a way to lighten the mood for Menke. His encouragement to sing off their misdirections, their bloopers, and the odd unexpected brain fart, with a simple smile and a variation of “Hi Sally” which originated in Death Proof.

You can imagine her finding this incredibly enjoyable after going through hours and hours of film, to have these spontaneous moments of human connection with her fellow colleagues. Below are two compilations of these bloopers, one from Death Proof, Tarantino’s exploitation horror fantasy, and the other featuring some wonderful moments from 2009’s Inglorious Basterds including Mike Myers’ perfect transformation.

See the footage, here: