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Quentin Tarantino names the modern director who doesn't get "enough respect"

Although the influential filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has a special love for classic cinema, he has one eye firmly on contemporary cinema too, often commenting on his favourite modern movies and filmmakers. 

Sitting down with fellow friend and filmmaker Eli Roth on the History of Horror podcast, Tarantino previously discussed his fondness for the brilliance of Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winner, Get Out. Explaining why the film struck such a chord with contemporary audiences, Tarantino exclaimed: “I think it was two things. For a Black audience, it was a movie they had never seen before but always wanted to see even though they didn’t know they always wanted to see it. True original movies are that they’re filling a bill that you didn’t know that there was a lack of”.

Continuing in his praise of the director, Tarantino adds, “In the case of Get Out you felt you were in good hands. …There was a confidence to the movie that Jordan Peele knows exactly what he’s doing and we’re just gonna have to wait for it”.

He’s not the only modern filmmaker Tarantino holds a specific love for either, with the Pulp Fiction director also revealing in an interview with Vulture that he believes the Spanish cultural icon Pedro Almodóvar deserves more attention from modern audiences. Asked if “there are any filmmakers you don’t think get enough respect,” the filmmaker boldly responds, “When people in America talk about the great writer-director auteurs, they don’t talk about Pedro Almodóvar enough. For 30 years, he has dwarfed almost all of his American peers”. 

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No doubt the most celebrated Spanish filmmaker of all time, Pedro Almodóvar has helmed multiple contemporary classics including Talk to Her, Volver and All About My Mother, with each film displaying his strength in telling stories that bubble with dark, brooding, compassionate romance. 

Whilst Tarantino highlights that he isn’t enraptured by his entire filmography, marking the era of Kika, Broken Embraces and, bizarrely, All About My Mother as “a slightly weak period”, though further adds that the director has been on “a magnificent roll” of late. 

“He’s a fantastic director. His scripts are wonderful, and he’s just money in the bank,” Tarantino asserts, adding, “he’s so specific, but as opposed to a lot of these specific art-film directors that you’re going to get tired of, like Wong Kar-wai, you never get tired of Almodóvar. Because as much as he has these recognizable elements, it never just seems like the same movie over and over again”. 

As a significant horror fan, it’s no surprise that Tarantino names Almodovar’s 2011 film The Skin I Live In as his favourite of the directors. “That was him doing a horror film, and it was fucking amazing,” he said of the movie that was heavily inspired by the classic 1960 thriller Eyes Without a Face and, according to Quentin Tarantino, The Human Centipede

Check out the trailer for Almodovar’s horror movie, below. 

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