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Watch Quentin Tarantino's insane speech about George A. Romero


As a lover of all things cinema, Quentin Tarantino holds no reservations when it comes to genre, embracing every facet of the silver screen no matter its origins. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the director’s influential filmography, however, it’s his fondness for violence that edge on horror, and whilst he has never fully immersed himself within the genre itself, he has certainly dipped his toes in the bloodied water with 2007’s film Death Proof.

Often facing backlash for his on-screen violence, Tarantino has been forced to answer for his creative choices several times throughout the course of his career, with the subject coming to a head in one iconic interview with Kron4 News. Invited onto the show to dissect the violence of his own film Kill Bill, Tarantino was asked if the film was really appropriate for children amid the influx of violent media across TV, film and video games. 

With gusto, Tarantino responded to this question stating, “It’s an R-rated movie. If their parents take them to go see it, they will have a blast. I actually think, from 12 up, is a really good audience; they will love Kill Bill. Girls will love it because they will be empowered”. Pushing the iconic filmmaker to accept the dangers of his own violent films and question the use of such excessive gore, Tarantino eventually reaches breaking point and announces his love for on-screen action. “IT’S SO MUCH FUN, JAN!… You know what, Jan? I don’t think I made it for you,” he announces. 

Showing a glimpse into the true inner insanity of Quentin Tarantino, the filmmaker has been known to go on wild rants about his favourite directors and moments in the history of cinema, enamoured by the likes of Takeshi Miike, Toshiya Fujita and Kinji Fukasaku. Though, whilst he holds such filmmakers in high regard, it is the grandfather of zombies, George A Romero who the director truly adores. 

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In typical Tarantino fashion, he revealed his love for the director as if he was a child describing his favourite toy, presenting the Mastermind Award for George Romero at the Scream awards. “Heart-stopping violence, explosive bloodshed, undead flesh-eaters and dismembered ghouls. That’s right! I’m talking about all the shit we love in film and all the finer things in this goddamn life!” Tarantino exclaimed, donning a strange Asian-inspired silk jacket. 

“Here’s why I’m here tonight. To stand up for one of the coolest, the craziest, the scariest and America’s greatest regional moviemakers of all time,” Tarantino announced, adding that he owes the Dawn of the Dead filmmaker a “huge debt,” as he was the pioneer of what would later become the influential zombie sub-genre. Punctuating his love for the iconic horror director, Tarantino welcomes Romero on stage by calling him “a f**king genius” before letting him take centre stage. 

Quite why Quentin Tarantino is so energised in this spectacular clip is beyond our understanding, though it only adds to our love for the eclectic, eccentric magical mind.