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Quentin Tarantino once named his favourite movie monster of all time

Quentin Tarantino has been influenced by a lot of different genres ever since he was a child, films with unique visions that have shaped his own journey as a filmmaker. Elements of horror films, exploitation flicks and even westerns can be observed in his work which is why many critics describe his cinematic style as pastiche.

One of the genres that had a seminal influence on Tarantino was the huge body of monster films that came out in the 1930s and ’40s which had a significant impact on the future of horror filmmaking. Tarantino’s love for the genre even extends beyond national barriers, with the director often citing monster classics from around the world.

The one film that Tarantino singled out was the original 1954 masterpiece Gojira which has spawned several sequels and is responsible for creating an unforgettable allegory. Intended as a critique of nuclear warfare and the grotesque horrors which were omnipresent in post-war Japan, Gojira has become an indispensable part of film history.

While discussing his love for Japanese cinema Tarantino claimed that he enjoyed a wide variety of gems. Despite the popularity of samurai flicks, he stated that it was important to explore the sci-fi and cyberpunk cinema of Japan too. “It’s not just samurai films that I like — Ishiro Honda (Gojira) is my favourite science-fiction director,” Tarantino declared.

“I have an idea for a Godzilla movie that I’ve always wanted to do,” Tarantino once said while explaining why Godzilla was his favourite movie monster. Given that the filmmaker is currently working on the final project of his career, it is possible that the tenth and final addition to his filmography might just be a Godzilla film.

Describing his idea in detail, Tarantino added: “The whole idea of Godzilla’s role in Tokyo, where he’s always battling these other monsters, saving humanity time and again — wouldn’t Godzilla become God? It would be called Living Under the Rule of Godzilla. This is what society is like when a big fucking green lizard rules your world.”

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