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(Credit: Georges Biard)


Quentin Tarantino buys iconic Vista Theatre in Los Angeles

Having taken part in interviews, podcasts and the like coming off the back of the release of his novelisation of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, director Quentin Tarantino has been appearing all across the news, announcing word of his final film, among other nuggets of information. It has been recently reported, however, that Tarantino has bought the iconic Vista Theatre cinema in Los Angeles, marking the second time the filmmaker has bought a major cinema since acquiring New Beverly Cinema in 2007. 

Confirming the news on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Quentin Tarantino reported that he is looking to open the Vista around Christmas time 2021, with the cinema having a renewed focus on screening classic films, exclusively on film prints. It sounds about right for a director who has always backed celluloid over digital, discussing that, “We’ll show older films, but they’ll be older films that, like, you can hold a four-night engagement”.

Describing the Vista as a “crown jewel” of cinemas, the theatre first opened in 1923 where it held only one screen. Now it is a modern cinema that shows brand new releases, each of which Tarantino intends to show on film.

The news joins the long-running dispute between the director and daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, which has recently cropped up once more as both Tarantino and Lee seem incapable of settling the argument.

In addition, Quentin Tarantino has also recently revealed that he fought Harvey Weinstein over the final cut of Reservoir Dogs, with the infamous producer wanting to remove the violent torture scene. Tarantino explained, “His reasoning was, ‘Look, Quentin, this is a movie that anybody can watch. But with that torture scene, you’re gonna alienate women; they’re not gonna wanna see this”.

Rejecting Weinstein’s wishes, the director reported that at that moment: “I became me, because Harvey was used to winning these type of arguments”.

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