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Quentin Tarantino named his favourite TV show of all time

American auteur Quentin Tarantino has built his entire directorial career on the back of his forays into the world of arthouse violence. After making some of the definitive cult classics of the 1990s like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Tarantino has continued to provide undeniable evidence of the fact that he still has what it takes to be a top filmmaker through modern gems such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Tarantino’s relationship with the cinematic medium stretches far back, starting from his childhood during which he wrote screenplays and watched a lot of films. Later in his life, he earned a reputation as a major film buff in his neighbourhood while working at the local video store where he curated the collections and handed out stellar recommendations to people – ranging from obscure foreign films to blockbuster flicks.

Throughout his career, Tarantino has maintained that he was influenced by westerns, exploitation films and horror movies. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sergio Leone and Mario Bava, he managed to continue their legacy through his own works. He has also routinely expressed his admiration for his contemporaries like Paul Thomas Anderson, particularly blown away by Anderson’s 2007 magnum opus There Will Be Blood.

Judging from his impeccable taste in films, it is only natural to assume that Tarantino has similar choices when it comes to television shows. Although television shows are often looked unfavourably when compared to films, masterpieces like The Sopranos and The Wire have shown that the television medium can be a very powerful tool and can exceed the narrative capabilities of cinema.

Tarantino was even named after a character played by Burt Reynolds in an old TV western called Gunsmoke, a show that he has said he loves alongside other classics such as Star Trek and The Green Hornet. However, his favourite show of all time isn’t an old American TV gem or even a modern HBO opus. In fact, he has criticised HBO shows like True Detective for being “really boring”.

The director with the penchant for cinematic violence considers the cheesy sitcom How I Met Your Mother to be his favourite TV experience. “Hands down, my favourite show is How I Met Your Mother,” Tarantino declared. “I’ve been watching that since the very first episode, so that’s the one show that I always keep watching”.

Apparently, Tarantino is a huge fan of the hopeless romanticism of mainstream romcoms and has called them his “guilty pleasure”. This genre has moved him so much that he admitted to having weeped due to their emotional impact. It looks like the pervasive influence of American sitcoms spares nobody, even the director of Pulp Fiction who spends most of his time studying and advocating for the promotion of foreign films.

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