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QTY share brilliant new single ‘Dress/Undress’

After releasing a stellar 7” last year with two absolute stonkers on each side (‘Rodeo’ and ‘World Breaker’) as two late contenders for Track of the Year, the duo QTY are now back with another new song, another double a side 7” and likely another hit.

‘Dress/Undress’ shares the billing with ‘Ornament’ and is out April 28th on Dirty hit Records. The former is the latest release and is like a cool spring breeze in its efforts; crisp, promising and untouchable. ‘It really is astonishingly cool and collected, letting strings rifle across the airwaves with grit and menace, whilst all the while feeling measured. There’s something about QTY which is completely unquantifiable.

No surprise to hear that Suede’s Bernard Butler was behind the mixing desk for their first release on Dirty Hit, with the album due out later this year, and Butler due to be behind the desk again, we are expecting huge things from QTY.