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PWR BTTM give us an anthem with ‘LOL’


When you’re in that stage of your life, unable to commit to being a full adult but desperately trying to escape your childhood you can feel somewhat in limbo. The feeling is perfectly describe in the angsty anthem from PWR BTTM ‘LOL’.

The track itself is a PWR BTTM track through and through. It is a thundering hit of emotion and sardonic wit, it peels back surface with a cosmetic gleam and only ever restores faith. Taken from the forthcoming LP Pageant this album looks to have a lot of bang for the buck.

Ben Hopkins says of the track “’LOL’ is a song about trying. Trying to understand. Trying to grow up. Trying to reconcile who you wish you were with who you can’t help being. Sometimes you try as hard you can to do those things and you fail. You fucking fail really, really hard. So hard that you have to give yourself a break and just laugh about how hard and weird things can be; about how no matter how secure you think you are deep down there’s a part of us all the feels like they’re doing everything for the first time

In performing the song, I tried to surround myself with people who made me feel powerful, like I could keep on trying no matter what. People like our French Horn player Cameron West, Kiley Lotz from Petal and, of course, my amazing mom Christiane Hopkins. They made me feel like I could keep going, I hope this song helps you feel the same!”

Great track with some real life emotion. Perfect PWR BTTM.