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PVRIS share new video for 'Monster'

PVRIS - 'Monster'

American synthpop duo PVRIS have released a new video for their recent single ‘Monster’.

The song is the second single from the band so far this year, having previously shared their collaboration with Canadian DJ Rezz, ‘Sacrificial’. ‘Monster’ retains much of the sound of ‘Sacrifical’, but keeps the proceedings squarely in the band’s own camp.

“‘Monster’ is a song about reckoning with outside opinions and expectations put upon oneself,” lead singer Lynn Gunn explains. “It can be easy to take on the weight of negative situations/opinions, this is about the struggle of releasing those inhibitions and internalizations and returning back to yourself.”

Frantic, aggressive, and highly electronic, ‘Monster’ mixes spacey and melodic verses with distorted and yelled choruses. It’s not really catchy in the way that a lot of PVRIS’ other tracks can be: it’s more about bringing a particular, and very combative, feeling to the fore. “I guess you never learn ’til you’re living your last day.” 

Personally, I tend to gravitate towards the dancier and poppier sounds of PVRIS, like ‘Dead Weight’, or the softer and more ambient styles on tracks like ‘January Rain’, or both put together like on ‘Hallucinations’. All of those tracks are from the band’s most recent LP, Use Me, which is a fantastic record. 

‘Monster’ feels more like arcane dubstep or the faux-aggro rock of Machine Gun Kelly if he decided to take a new left turn into electronica. It’s certainly not one of the band’s best, but everybody gets a misstep or two along the way. PVRIS are still a great band with a killer discography, and everybody’s inclined to have a song they don’t like from a band they otherwise enjoy. That’s what ‘Monster’ is for me.

But don’t take my word for it: check out the video for ‘Monster’ down below and form your opinion about the track.