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PUP pay tribute to pets all around the world with their new video


The new album is released, to critical acclaim might we add, the tracks have been lapped up like the most grateful of pooches and now they have a warming video for ‘Sleep in the Heat’. Perfect year so far for PUP then.

The video sees Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things – if you don’t know, where the fuck have you been?) as a young Stefan and along with the rest of the band takes a road trip across America. Things take a turn though when they meet an adorable dog. However, we warn you, if Monday has got you by the feels already then we suggest you skip the last few seconds of this one. Yep. That happens.

Video aside, the track is a beer-throwing, chorus screaming, foot stomping banger of a track. It will leave you joyous if the video doesn’t leave you heartbroken.

Monday it is then.