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PUP one-up themselves with interactive video for 'Old Wounds'

Toronto punks PUP are one hell of a band. Beyond their empirical live performances the band also nearly always offer a brand new level to their work with every output. Fitting then that their latest video for new track ‘Old Wounds’ is a fully immersive interactive video in the style of a typical 90’s video game.

Across an unbelievable number of intersecting videos, the four members challenge you, their new tour manager, to get them back to their hotel room safely after a sold out show. There are 28 different ways to die, 16 aliens, 10 beers, 5 Eastern Conference NBA playoff team references, and only 4 ways for Stefan, Steve, Nestor and Zack to survive the night.

“This video is one of the craziest things we’ve done as a band,” laughs singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock. “I’m so proud of this thing, and am absolutely convinced that Jeremy is a total savant.

Fans who have gotten to know the four members of PUP over the years will pick up all the subtle nuances that the band and Jeremy included in the video.

“We actually each wrote our own individual storylines,” Babcock continues. “From Steve’s sports obsession to Zack’s weirdo sci-fi brain soup, and Nestor’s unnatural love of pizza to me going off the deep end in the wilderness… this video is pure PUP.”

So, we suggest you take 5 minutes out of your day and be sure to enjoy every single mode of PUP’s brand new video for ‘Old Wounds’  
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