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(Credit: Jos van vliet)


Punk icon Pauline Murray shares new solo track 'Secrets'


Pauline Murray, the pioneering punk icon who earned fame while fronting the 1970s punk rock band Penetration, has released her new solo material.

Murray, widely considered as an instrumental figure in the formation of the punk genre, has again teamed up with songwriting partner Robert Blamire and will release her new album Elemental in September.

“It was mixed to a cassette and left in a box for years. When we were recording the new album, we remembered this track, found the cassette but couldn’t find the original master tape,” Murray said, per Clash. “All the parts were there, and it sounded really good, but the recording was unusable.”

“We decided to re-record it and tried to replicate the original arrangements, keyboard parts and sounds whilst maintaining the original atmosphere. It’s amazing that something hidden away for so long can assert itself fully into the here and now. Like a secret being revealed.”

Murray added: “Lyrically, it’s about the pressure to conform to social perceptions and expectations, having to rely on body language and energy exchange to see what’s really going on.”

Stream the song, below.