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Public Access TV give us ‘Sudden Emotion’


The New Yorkers, Public Acess TV, have been on the peripheries of the scene for some time now since we first saw them with ‘Monaco’. But when we all thought they were dragging their feet what was actually happening was a honing of their talent for sexy rock and roll, all revved up and seemingly ready to go for their debut LP Never Enough The first taste of that is new track ‘Sudden Emotion’.

When you add rock and roll to New York it is not only instantly and effortlessly cool but done via the modern age it gets an extra dimension of sexuality and a darkness unseen in other bands. ‘Sudden Emotion’ is all of that and more.

A bouncing rhythm and the ever-present funk and disco beat allows the track to hum across the airwaves like and infection to be carried across your summer.

No, we didn’t mean that kind of infection. Although with Public Access TV that could also be very likely. Stay safe kids.