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Public Access T.V. Release 'All We Want'


Public Access TV are one of those bands that has been hyped about for so long that they seem already part of the established set, but nothing could be further from the truth. ‘All We Want’ is only the second preview of their upcoming Public Access EP.

The EP will be out via Terrible Records and already looks to be an enticing blend of punk urgency and sultry smooth groove. For ‘All We Want’ the band go for the latter and delicately dangle love and romance across the sweetly picked guitar and delectable licks.

Harmonies lift us to another era and the conviction with which they follow through leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy, like your first pill as a dopey 16-year old.

It could all go wrong but at this moment Public Access T.V is the love that is in the air (and your bloodstream), and anything could come true.