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Psychic Markers sign to Bella Union and announce 'Hardly Strangers'

Psychic Markers have today announced plans to release their new album Hardly Strangers on the 23rd February 2018 after signing to record label Bella Union.

Those familiar with the band will know it’s pieced together with an amalgamation of musicians taken from other well-known groups with a splash of My Sad Captains, a sprinkle of Great Ytene and a dosage of Grass House.

The last few years for the band have been spent playing with the likes of Ulrika Spacek, Morgan Delt, Homeshake and Girl Ray, touring the UK and playing a series of festival slots, including a recent set at 2017’s End of the Road Festival.

Psychic Markers are not a genre band but instead one that is driven by a collective psyche, where the rule of friendship and instinctive democracy trumps any forced idea of aesthetic. “It’s more of an unwritten understanding between ourselves,” Dove says, expanding on the song writing process. “If something doesn’t feel right for the band, we lose it.”

Dufficy, the primary songwriter along with Dove, echoes this, hitting home the intuitive nature of the group. “I think we’re more of gang now, our inner psychic link has increased. We can kind of see which road one of us is heading down and sort of meet them there.”

Jarvis (bass) further emphases this too. “I’ve never really considered this to be a band in a typical sense, i.e. a group with preconceived notions of how we should exist or project, but more like five kindred spirits, cosmic cowboys – and girl. The music and everything that surrounds it seems to come quite naturally as a result so it just becomes about pals making music, being creative and enjoying ourselves while doing so.”

Anyway, enough talk, Track of the Day: